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The Founding of Here For You With Loukman Ghouti

Newcomers to Canada encounter challenges in daily things that we often take for granted- whether it’s the language barrier and understanding colloquialisms, or navigating their new home. To ease the transition of refugees and international students to Halifax, our National Young Leader, Loukman Ghouti, co-founded Here For You. Loukman describes his new initiative in the

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Research Position

Congratulations on acquiring an undergraduate summer research position! Paid or unpaid, this can be a great chance to explore what academic research is like and acquire skills both at the bench and beyond. In this article, I will primarily address how those in experimental life sciences can make the most of their summer; however, many

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Ryan Li, Serial Entrepreneur & Innovative App Developer

Our April Leader in the Spotlight features our Regional Ambassador, Ryan Li. Ryan is an accomplished high school student at the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and volunteerism. Ryan has founded several organizations, including uNyte, PeaceofMind, Complaints to Solutions, and Project Sigma, which strives to share opportunities with

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