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How to Pursue a Biotech Startup as an Undergraduate

You often hear about university students pursuing entrepreneurial or start-up ventures in fields such as computer science or commerce. However, increasingly there is a huge focus on start up companies in the life sciences or biotech industry! During your undergraduate degree you may even realize that you have an idea you’d like to pursue as

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The Merits of Failure

You can always rely on change to present itself in your life. Right when you get comfortable in one role, for example, as a high school student, the time comes for you to move on to college or university. By the time you reach your final year of undergrad, the time comes to make decisions

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Loukman Ghouti, Language Master & Renaissance Man

Our February Leader in the Spotlight features Loukman Ghouti, a Bachelor of Science student at Dalhousie University. Loukman is extensively involved within the community. He serves as a translator for newly arrived Syrian refugees, is a member of the National Youth Advisory Council of Canada and promotes mental health awareness. On campus, Loukman is a

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