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Cece Macherera, Model UN Enthusiast & Sociology Devotee

We’re proud to feature our Regional Ambassador, Cece Macherera, a driven grade 12 student from W.H. Croxford High School in our first Ambassador in the Spotlight. Cece is heavily involved in her high school and greater community- she serves on W.H. Croxford’s Leadership Committee, where she helps organize, run and promote school events. Additionally, Cece

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Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari, STEM Advocate & Research Superstar

Our October Leader in the Spotlight is Mohammad Hossein Asadi Lari, an accomplished third year student in the Honours Cellular, Anatomical, and Physiological Sciences program at UBC. Through various initiatives, Mohammad shares his passion for science and research. Mohammad is a founding member of the STEM Fellowship, a youth-run non-profit organization that aims to enhance

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How to Conduct a Literature Search

How to Conduct a Literature Search

As a third year undergraduate student, I can vouch that each of you have been or will be assigned at least one group or individual assignment that needs intensive research. You will need to gather information, select the most relevant data and finally cite your sources. So, how do you begin this literature search? The Internet

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