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The Secrets to the Success of Jason Wong, Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Extraordinaire

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Wong, a first-year software engineering student at the University of California, Irvine, who has already founded three companies. In high school, Jason grew his Tumblr audience to 1 million + followers, during which time he learned about social media marketing. Leveraging his social media marketing expertise, Jason

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Project engineering

A Day in the Life of a Project Engineer

To share the diversity of our National Young Leaders and their respective careers, we interviewed one of our mentors, Samira Ahmadi, about her previous work as a Project Engineer in Iran. Samira obtained her B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering at the Iran University of Science and Technology and worked as a project engineer for Servo Hydraulics

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A Day in the Life of a Research Analyst

Working as an analyst requires a number of key competencies and skills and can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying career journey.  These professionals conduct research, analyze data, and present their work to help inform decision makers and stakeholders about a situation. Accurate knowledge of situations and circumstances, markets/sectors, emerging issues, and priorities are crucial

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